Bizness Apps
Bizness Apps’ leading mobile app-building platform allows small businesses to build mobile solutions on iOS, Android and progressive web apps.
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Bizness Apps features include:

  • Design Engine: This extremely simple and intuitive tool allows you to create a great mobile experience for your users.
  • Google Fonts: Access the Google Font library to choose from over 800 fonts and ensure a custom branded experience.
  • Icon Sets: Choose from over 1,000 beautiful icons to create a modern and easy-to-use app for your customers.
  • Industry Templates: Ready-made templates for a range of industries will get you started on your app-building journey.
  • Native iOS Apps: Build and publish to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users to download.
  • Native Android Apps: Build and publish to the Google Play store for Android users to download.
  • Progressive Web Apps: Mobile apps built with progressive technology, delivered through the user's web browser, allowing for seamless experience without the need to download an app.
  • App Builder CMS: Our drag-and-drop app builder allows anyone to build an app, without coding knowledge. The CMS houses all our revenue-generating features designed for small business growth.
Ratings & Reviews
Great PWA App Builder
April 2019
Mike Pine

This has to be one of the better app builders for PWAs on the market. Easy to use and roll out applications.


Better tutorials would be appreciated, no real complaints.

Loved this amazing App builder!
April 2019

My overall experience with the app is good. But, I like to tell the Bizness Apps to consider the cons that I have listed and improve the app accordingly. I have been creating good mobile apps for my customers with it. If you're looking for a cross-platform app builder, you can consider it.


Bizness Apps supports multiple platforms. You can easily use this app to create a single or native app for both IOS and Android operating systems. It offers many templates for different industries. It provides the ability to add the content directly from a site by just entering the URL. It also provides the ability to view how your app will look like before deploying it — small businesses like small restaurants, etc. having limited staff can also offer superior quality features and services to their customers with it. Their email and live chat support are very friendly and easily accessible.


It is a little difficult to add some aspects to your app as compared to other app builders.