Kayako’s leading customer service platform features ticketing and live chat, enabling you to drive customer success through simplicity, speed, and personalization across the customer journey.
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A great customer experience is the only way to defend and grow your business. Kayako is a messaging-first, unified support platform that enables an effortless customer experience and allows teams to:

  • Increase customer loyalty, retention rates and lifetime value.
  • Focus on high-value interactions and customer advocacy.
  • Get a complete view of the Customer Journey with unified conversation views layered with customer interactions and other information.
  • Leverage a single interface regardless of channel, and access live communication.
  • Collaborate across channels, devices, and departments, instead of in siloed, ticketed interactions.
Included in Kayako’s trial:
  • Live Chat: See Customer Journey and related activity at a glance.
  • Deliver Personalized Support: Surface every interaction your customer has had with your business into the support process.
  • Integrated Data: Log customer site visits, purchases, shipping history or marketing emails, and capture events from your own product, app or service.
  • Access Info Quickly: No need to ask additional questions when the information your team needs to respond quickly is right at your fingertips.
Ratings & Reviews
Easy to use
Jan-10, 2019
What do you like best?

Functionality is user friendly and Reports are easy to use as well.

What do you dislike?

Just having to get use to the filters to run reports if you require more stats.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Easy to Implement and Use for starting a ticketing System and Reporting.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Analytics on how many calls we really get per month. And types of calls we receive.

Wonderful and easy
March-3 2018
Rolf M.
What do you like best?

I like that I can stay in the loop and know when somebody else in my working team has updated a conversation. Very simple I can bring all our client's cooperation and activities together in one place and, give our working team the opportunity to deliver individual, contextual assistance.

What do you dislike?

I'm working with this software and till now I don't see any problems with this product. My work is going fast and never had any delays and harm in the working process.

Recommendations to others considering the product

I can say that by using this platform you can save your time. Also, you can easily speed up and supply more proactive client service by connecting with this software to hundreds of apps and tools to make the better of each interaction. Nice product and very useful.

What's New

January-13 2019

Version 2019-01-13

Several bug fixes