MyAlerts’ personalization platform enables delivery of 100% relevant content based on change events on your site. Use it to drive 10x higher engagement with your customers.
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Unlike campaign-based marketing systems, MyAlerts uses the thousands of change events on your site to deliver hyper-personalized micro-campaigns to every customer.

Increase engagement with:

  • Personalized Alerts: Make every area of your site "sticky" by allowing customers to opt-into and subscribe to what interests them most.
  • Demand Dashboard: See real-time customer demand for brands, categories and products.
  • Triggered Email Marketing Platform: Change events on your site will trigger branded alerts to resolve top customer issues and re-engage them 5x to 10x more.
  • Easy Activation: MyAlerts can be added to any site easily by adding us to your tag management solution, using our simple scripts within your site. Our monitoring and messaging engines do the rest.
  • Supported Platforms: We can work within nearly any website and have successfully deployed MyAlerts on Demandware, IBM Websphere, Hybris, Kibo, Ebay Enterprise, Oracle Commerce and Magento.